About the project

On March 15, 2020, the international project “30 miles RUSFIN” (KS1831) was launched in the Finnish city of Lappeenranta after signing a multilateral contract.

The project is being implemented within the framework of the cross-border cooperation program for supporting joint projects on the external borders of the EU with funding from the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland RUSSIA – SOUTH EAST FINLAND PS 2014-2020. (https://www.sefrcbc.fi)

On the Russian side, the project involves the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration and the Saint Petersburg regional public organization “ORANIENBAUM SOCIETY SAILING”. From the Republic of Finland — CURSOR OY-Kotka-Hamina region development Agency, which is engaged in improving the region’s competitiveness and ensuring its sustainable economic growth, and the University of applied Sciences of South-Eastern Finland-XAMK.

Sergey Kovalev, project Director of the RANEPA, said:
“the goal of our project is to repeat the success of a similar cooperation between Finland and Estonia, when rings of small ports appeared every 30 miles around the Gulf of Finland. The distance of 30 miles (about 50 km) is considered optimal for tourist yachts, since at an average speed of 5-6 knots it allows you to cover this distance during a day’s journey.

The “30 Miles RUSFIN” project is aimed at developing cross-border yachting, yacht tourism in the Eastern part of the Gulf of Finland, its infrastructure and marketing programs, as well as providing conditions for the development of related businesses, the development of cross-border tourist routes and clusters and creating a favorable atmosphere in the border zone.
This is a development of the North-Western Institute of management, a branch of Ranepa.
Funding provided by Russia, Finland and the European Union is a serious contribution to the real development of our plans, but do not forget that a mandatory condition for participation in the project is 20% funding from the partner. This is a big responsibility! During the thirty months of the project, we have a lot to do, and despite the temporary difficulties associated with the international COVID-19 pandemic, we are confident in our abilities and will cope with the tasks set!»


Sergey Kovalev

e-mail sergeykovalev@inbox.ru

Project participant

The Academy under the President of the Russian Federation – Ranepa – is the largest University in Russia and Europe with a socio-economic and humanitarian profile, rightfully occupying the top lines in all national rankings. By decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 902 of 07.07.2011, the Academy has the right to independently set educational standards and requirements for higher professional education programs implemented by It.

ST. PETERSBURG REGIONAL PUBLIC ORGANIZATION “SPORTS CLUB “ORANIENBAUMSKOE SOCIETY SAILING” is a corporate non-profit public organization — a voluntary association of citizens united in the manner prescribed by law on the basis of their common interests for satisfying their spiritual and other intangible needs, to represent and protect common interests and achieving any other lawful purposes.

CURSOR OY serves for the creation and development of businesses in the Kotka-Hamina region (Finland). The cursor serves entrepreneurs in the Kotka-Hamina region in setting up a company and in developing entrepreneurship. The cursor is responsible for business advice in the region of the municipalities of southern Kymenlaakso. There are comprehensive services that support the creation and development of businesses, including business idea and financial planning, business start-up, internationalization and expansion. Consulting services are free of charge!

The University of Applied Sciences of South-Eastern Finland — XAMK is a higher education institution dedicated to the development of welfare, technology and creative industries. Xamk is the fifth largest University of applied Sciences in Finland. We offer programs in 8 areas of education, participate in research and innovation activities, and provide services to companies and residents of the regions. Our campuses are located in 4 cities: Kotka, Kouvola, Mikkeli and Savonlinna. International cooperation is an important part of our profile. Our network of partner universities includes more than 350 educational institutions around the world. Xamk actively implements activities aimed at research, development and innovation, and currently leads among the universities of applied Sciences in Finland in the field of research, development and innovation, only in terms of external funding. Every year, Xamk participates in more than 170 projects where our experts discover, test,and develop new products and services, or perform research to meet future needs.

Project tasks

The following tasks will be implemented during the project:

  1. Development of a scheme for the development of yacht harbors and fairways to determine the most likely locations for green berths and berths in terms of cross-border comfortable and safe sea crossings.
  2. Development of the investment and operational model of the Marina and the industry-specific economic business model of yachting as part of the blue economy.
  3. Creation of an integrated information and service system (information and service virtual platform for information and service provision of water travel, marine services and related services).
  4. Research of service standards in marinas and development of proposals for their unification, classification of marinas and visualization in accordance with the class.
  5. Training of the staff of Marin.
  6. conducting a security audit of small ports. The audit model used is a previously developed model in 30MILES-project (InterregCentralBaltic).
  7. Planning safe and attractive cross-border routes between participating ports. These routes will be added to the routes connecting the ports of Finland and Estonia, which was developed in the 30MILES (InterregCentralBaltic) project earlier.
  8. Making and posting online training videos on approaches for participating marinas with practical instructions on the safe approach.
  9. Development and publication on the Internet of training videos on the safety of yacht tourism in Russia and South-Eastern Finland.
  10. Organization of test yacht caravans on the southern and Northern shores of the Gulf of Finland with photo and video shooting, posting photos and video materials on the Internet and the media.
  11. Improving the infrastructure of two marinas that are planned to participate in the reception of test caravans.
  12. Holding annual joint yacht events using the developed services and infrastructure with a sports, entertainment and business program in order to discuss the development of yachting in the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic sea and discuss the preliminary results of the 30-mile project, attract yachtsmen from the Baltic countries to the event, promote VCHFZ, services and services of yacht ports, and related services.
  13. Conducting other yacht events (boat show, TSR). Russian and Finnish partners will organize joint yacht events in Russia and Finland and will promote these events through their own channels, target groups and networks in Russia and Finland.
  14. Establish a network of cooperation between port operators in Finland and Russia to improve and promote security issues in participating ports. To achieve this goal, seminars will be organized with the participation of Harbor operators.